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What should I pay attention to when buying clothes hangers?

 What should I pay attention to when buying clothes hangers? 
 1.See whether the package is beautifully printed; whether the trademark is registered (R or TM); whether the company name, address and telephone number are clearly marked and clearly stated. 
 2.To see whether the authority of the state issued a certificate. For example, China recognized brand, ISO certification. 
 3.Look at the company's history, patent technology and so on. 
 4. Look at quality commitments, such as maintenance compensation. 
 5.Look at the hand machine. He is the core component of the clothes hanger, and the lightness determines the service life and the effect directly. 
 6.Look at the airing bar. He decided to load products (lots of brand-name in order to reduce the cost of production of aluminum with miscellaneous drying rod, for a long time, the surface has spots, peeling, bending phenomenon. It can be tested by knocking: Aluminum sounds dull and pure aluminum sounds crisp. 
 7.Look at the quality. Are the components painted or electroplated solid, indicating whether it is bright and clean, with burrs, scratches, bubbles, etc.. 
 8. Look at the material and thickness of the steel rope. 1.5mm stainless steel wire rope hanger is good (shaking head hand Bing general two holes with magnets, can be directly used to test whether he is stainless steel wire rope). 
 9. Sample the sample at the sales place. 
 10.Price: the price is too low, try not to buy, due to quality problems and no maintenance and in many cases, after all, an agent of a brand product is about 3 years, so don't be too cheap to buy clothes.